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A quick announcement:

As of today, no more literature content will be posted on this blog. I know, sad news. The good news is, I have created a brand new blog called “White Roses and Lattes” where I will post all my poetry pieces – old and new. And I will also try to diversify my content so that I have short stories, journal entries and probably ramblings.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for those who have supported my work, whether it is literature, photography, fashion or beauty. And if you are only here to read poetry, then feel free to unfollow this blog; no hard feelings! Instead, you may continue your support on my new one ūüėÄ

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So that’s it for now

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My Top 10 High-End Mascaras!

Aloha Ladies!

I missed you all so much! It’s been about two weeks since I last posted. And it felt weird that I didn’t come back everyday to check my blog stats. But anyways since the holidays have officially started (at least in the UK anyways), I wanted to do something holiday-related but also beauty-relevant, because sometimes I do forget that it’s not just a poetry blog ha ha. Something that is always big every winter is: lashes. Okay, big brows and big lashes but mainly lashes. And clearly I am not referring to god-given genetically-perfect lashes, I am referring to the must-have necessity in every girl’s beauty bag: mascara. There are hundreds of very great mascaras out there which makes it even harder to narrow down the best. I figured I’d do 10 high end and then follow with 10 drugstore.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored nor affiliated with any of these brands/products. All picks are based on my own experience and/or internet research. Products are listed in no particular order.

I’ve put down UK links and prices for all mascaras because I am that lovely ūüôā

Enjoy ‚̧

top10 mascaras numbered

1.¬†Benefit They’re Real! Beyond Mascara¬†(¬£19.50)
3. Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara (£18.50)
4.¬†GIVENCHY Phenomen’Eyes Mascara (¬£23)
5. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Full fat lashes mascara (£22)
6. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll (£24.50)
7. Benefit BADgal Black Lash Mascara (£17.50)
8. bareMinerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara (£17)
9.¬†Lanc√īme Hypn√īse Custom-Wear Volume Mascara¬†(¬£22.50)
10. Inglot Perfect Length & Define Mascara (£10)

So I’ve had this idea for a while to post “My Top 10…” every Tuesday. So it will be like Top Ten Tuesdays. *10 points for cheesy alliterations*. The first “My Top 10…” post I did was exactly a month ago and is now in the ‘most popular’ section thanks to you guys. So I assume that you enjoy these kinds of posts. What do you ladies think? let me know.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday; please don’t just spend it sleeping like I do haha. Let me know your favourite mascaras in the comments!

Until next time,

Take care ‚̧


Haul #1 – Collective Haul: Superdrug | Matalan | Deichmann

Aloha Ladieees

How’s everyone Saturday afternoon going? Well that doesn’t matter because if you’re reading this atm, you’re probably homealone with all the boredom and¬†revision¬† procrastination in the world to spare. How’s everyone’s Tuesday evening going? I know mine is going well because I have plenty of photo editing to keep me occupied. Occupied from blogging.¬†

Just kidding guys Let’s just ignore the fact that I said this will be up last Tuesday. One excuse: college.

And since, I’ve been building up the¬†excitement ¬†empty promises for this post for quite a while now. I thought I should just crack on with it.

First item(s)!


So this purchase was made around two weeks ago. There was a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug and so I picked up these three items which I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while now.

Starting from the left is the: Sleek MakeUP Face Form, in¬†LIGHT. It’s a contour kit that’s being raved about quite a lot because of it’s superb pigmentation and colour pay off. Urban Decay Naked Flushed¬†dupe¬†alert!¬†I would like to go on more about this product, but I guess I should save that for a review ūüėČ

And in the middle, it’s the: ¬†L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza, in Pure Black. It’s a gel/cream liner (whatever you wanna call it) that I thought I would try since my liquid eyeliner was running out and I thought I should switch to something new.

And the last product- another one from L’Oreal – is the : Nude Magique CC Cream (Anti-Dullness). Again, something I’ve been eyeing for a while but never really got my head to it. This would also be my first experience of BB/CC creams.

Now onto my Matalan purchases!


As you know guys, most of my wardrobe consists of grey. And if it isn’t grey, it would be Matalan. It’s honestly¬†very¬†underrated amongst other fashion outlets. Mainly because it’s just not marketed well. But un-coincidentally, whenever someone complements something that I would wear, it would be from Matalan. And this shirt literally grabbed my eye from a 10 meter distance. I’ve been looking for a wine-coloured shirt for quite a while now; my wardrobe lacks purple. And the floral print on this was just like whoaa. I brought this in a size 8.

haul 5

So Remember guys how I said I’ve been on a mustard hype very recently. Well I just gave no second thoughts to this. I can see it going well with 20 other grey items I have in mind. And plus the fabric is what it says on the tin. Pure cotton. It was seriously the softest t-shirt I’ve ever purchased. And also I love the wide-cut neck; makes it more suitable for going out. This was in a size 12, because you know t-shirts are quite body-hugging and I want to wear this out.


If you’ve been keeping up with the trends, you know that box tops are like everywhere now. First off all, I don’t own this photo (I actually did an assignment on copyright a few days ago, so spare me the lecture). But anyhow, I really liked the snake/crocodile/whateveranimalthisis print and also I do own quite a bit of navy and I wanted to welcome this into the family.

And last, but most definitely not least, from the Matalan purchases:


Gaaaah. This is hands down, the prettiest kimono I’ve seen across the many kimonos which I’ve browsed the last months. Even the Japanese will be all hats-off for this. Now looking at it, I realize you won’t really know what I am talking about without a backside shot. But you know, use your imagination.

Now onto the Deichmann buys!


Okay guys, I literally have like no winter-friendly shoes. I always tend to do my shopping in the summer which is why my wardrobe is like Miami vice. So it’s only natural that I have stacks of sandals; flat and wedged. As well as plenty of dolly shoes. But they do no good in this country, let me tell you.

Anyways, this is why I opted for two shoe purchases from Deichmann. A pair of hi-tops and lace-up boots. Technically, they’re called ankle-boots, but I refuse to accept such description. They look nothing like ankle boots. More on the side of combat. But overall, it’s the colour that grabbed my attention. And as for the hi-tops, the inside pattern did it all.

Is it done now? This post…it was just not going to end. I won’t assume you’re bored because that defeats the purpose of me posting in the first place. Let’s just say it was exhaustion and call it a day.

So That’s it now ladies. I have a feeling I won’t be posting for a while (Let’s just hope I am wrong). But until next time,

Take care ‚̧


Autumn 2014 Favourites

Aloha Ladies!

So here is the awaited post, as promised ūüėÄ It was a miracle narrowing down my favourites of the Autumn season to 10 items, believe me. I’ve literally tried and tested so many different products from beverages to skincare to new outfit combinations. And as I’ve mentioned, I haven’t really been on a shopping spree for quite a while, but lately I did buy a few things worth hauling about in another post (hopefully tomorrow). But for the mean time…

Enjoy ‚̧

So on with the first product


This is the Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub. I know…I know. It looks supper summery and I have purchased it end of summer but I’ve been using it non-stop ever since. You could say my skin type is ‘normal’ but it does go drier during the colder months. And this has just kept it really exfoliated and hydrated at the same time.

fave 1

Okay, so the second pick is a little more season-related. It’s a tote bag with a hound tooth print which I am totally obsessed with. I also really love that the leather is brown and not black; makes it slightly more classic. And can I just add, I’ve owned this for¬†over three years but I’ve just grown more fond of it this autumn, and at least once a week – if I am carrying it – I will have strangers telling me how nice it is. #companionforlife


Okay so this, I’ve purchased recently. October to be more precise. It’s the MUA Lipstick in Shade 1 (a UK drugstore brand). I’ve heard lots of praise about MUA so I thought I would give it a try. And honestly, I really liked the smooth texture and how the colour was true to the tube and it’s what I would I call low-key vampy haha. I apologize, the edit might be misleading, but it is a dark red.


For the forth item, it’s these beautiful long chain earrings that I purchased from Topshop last year. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen them. At first, I wasn’t really that comfortable going out with them, but after a while I figured particular hijab styles that go well with them. And sometimes, I think wearing just one looks really cool :p

So you guys might have noticed by now, that I am not going in any particular order haha. Ain’t nobody got tiime fo dat.


Swiftly moving on…
So this is just a camel-coloured headscarf that I’ve been rocking with my all-grey-clothing palette. They’re not ¬†really what you call complementary colours but I just like how the camel colour represets a muted gold, and grey is like a muted silver so you get the idea… P.S I’ve also been on a grey/mustard combination hype. I think it’s also a trend.


There’s not much to stay here because it’s pretty self-explanatory, if you’ve been following my blog. One thing that I would like to point out: I am¬†grateful¬†for the extended chain length. I like my necklaces to have long chains and this one is mucho mucho long.


No, you are not experiencing double vision. yes, these are two bottles of the same thing. This is the Saat Safa Eau de parfum in 35ml. It means ‘hour of purity’ in Arabic, if you’re wondering. It’s made by a brand called Al-Rehab and I got them from KSA. I am terrible at describing fragrances (except when I do my research to write certain poetry) but this is like a bottle of paradise. It’s musky but fresh at the same time – but not fruity, idk. But as you can see I have about 3mls left out of the total 70mls. And It’s been less than three months :L


Speaking of things that smell like paradise, here’s a non-typical autumn candle which I’ve been burning this season. I know it’s weird, it’s tropical fruit. But I am really picky about what my room should smell like. And I didn’t want to put a berry or pumpkin-scented candle just because it’s Autumn.


You guys know the drill. Without this colour, It’s gon be a dark winter in his house. Off course, it’s from Matalan, as with everything fabulous I own. And very strangely one of my few knitwear items because my wardrobe is basically California vice. I like how naturally baggy it is, keeping you warm and modest. And also the little studs, I quite dig.


And last but not least, but the smallest and most recently purchased item – and the one with the nicest edit (So I guess, this¬†is in some kind of order after all¬†#undercoverOCD): a ring from New Look. Well, it’s gold and it’s silver and oh so classy – and vintage. And I’ve been wanting to expand my ring collection as mentioned previously. There, I did it. I linked twice. #selfadvertisment ?

Soo that’s it for now ladies. This post took me 3.5 hrs to produce. Let that sink in. Also, editing is tough work.

But anyways, hope you guys have enjoyed this!

Until next time, take care ‚̧


My Favourite Jewellery Pieces

Aloha Ladies!

How is everyone’s Sunday night Monday morning¬†going? And isn’t it the most exciting weekend with Black Friday that just passed and freaking Cyber Monday which is tomorrow today?¬†¬†Well actually, in less than an hour. It’s quite disappointing that the hype for it in the UK is nowhere near as the scale in the US. And that’s understandable, because we only talk big sales when it’s officially boxing day (25 days left woop) but nevertheless, I did hunt down for bargains and managed to grab a few things here and there, so be on the lookout for a haul as promised!

And also that introduction was slightly pointless and unrelated to this post. But here are my favourite jewellery pieces that I wanted to share with you guys.

Enjoy ‚̧


So for my first pick, I chose silver/cool-toned pieces

Necklace | Risky
Bangle | Risky
Bottom Bracelet | New Look
Top bracelet | Marks & Spencer
Ring | New Look
Earrings | New Look

P.S These earrings are life and I am not even that boho.


And for the second set, obviously more gold/warm-toned pieces.

Cuff bracelet | H&M
Charm bracelet | Accessorize
Ring | River Island
Necklace | Debenhams
Earrings | Claire’s

So the necklace was actually a 16th birthday gift; the start of my owl obsession days. Although, it has calmed down a little. I do still own several other owl-related pieces, but I’ve just been rocking this with everything really.

So thats it guyss! By the time this will be up, it will already be the 1st of December. I apologize, my internet was playing mind games with me and so this post is technically delayed by a month (pun intended).

Also, happy first day of the month and hope you all had a lovely weekend. Be on the look out for an Autumn/November Favourites type of post. It will arrive soon, I promise.

Take care ‚̧


London Walkabout + OOTD

Aloha Ladies!

So I’ve been wanting to post this walkabout for agees but I’ve just never had the time to put together the pictures (which are scattered across various locations on social media, my memory stick and my desktop). This would be my second Walkabout post. If you’ve missed my first one click here. A walkabout is basically me strolling around various locations taking pictures of this and of that (haha TINSP reference).

So this Walkabout is also photography-related. It was a school trip to London that I went to, last October. It was quite a hectic but very enjoyable day. We went to various locations.

These pictures were taken near Trafalgar Square (Where the National Gallery is). Isn’t the Victorian architecture simply stunning??


We also visited The Monument which was close to St. Dunstan’s Church in East London. Here’s are some photos of the burn Church that I actually used for my Photography project¬†Phobias.This series is intended to represent the fear of empty spaces.

10257313_698618466871522_8514870925239658371_o 10257546_698618490204853_947433451782432279_o 10257921_698618450204857_7095490396875529219_o

Quite grungy, no? The Church was actually no where near as spooky as portrayed by these edits haha. Oh, the power of Photoshop.

Here’s a more nicer looking, generic, touristy picture of The Gherkin, East London.


Off Course, all this walking and getting in and out of tubes was exhausting the hell out of me. So as one must do, I grabbed one.

Camera 360

And I believe, our final, formal visit was to South Bank.

I obviously had to slip a quick ootd, for those who can’t care less about architecture, burnt churches and caramel frappes.Thank you Manisha for this lovely shot ‚̧

IMG_20000101_001420 logo

Denim shirt | Matalan
Blouse | Matalan
Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Shoe Zone
Bag | Marks and Spencer
Necklace | Risky
Hijab | Sudan

And if you’re wondering, the camera that I have around my neck is my FujiFilm S2800. It’s what I used to take all the photos above (with the exception of the drink).

I thought I would also casually sneak in a cropped camera selfie teehee


My henna was done at a Sudanese charity fair ūüôā

And last, but not least. I thought I would end this post with my favourite picture of the entire trip. It was also taken in South Bank.


I just see happiness whenever I look at this. Sunshine, bubbles, children. But most importantly bubbles because they look seriously cool.

Anwaysss that’s it for now. Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts!

Until next time, take care ‚̧


My Top 10 Autumn Scarves

Aloha ladies!

So I wanted to celebrate my 10th blog post with my most favourite fall-friendly hijabs. Honestly, I’ve not really been on any kind of shopping spree this autumn, ever since I came back from my summer holiday. I have bought a few stuff here and there but hardly worth hauling about. I appologize, I am aware there’s like one week left of autumn and I haven’t really posted anything related. However, I am planning to go on a big shopping spree very soon, if God is willing. So be on the lookout for lots of haul posts, make-up tutorials and fashion lookbooks.

Soo without further a do, here’s my top 10 scarves for the autumn season!
Enjoy ‚̧

hijab collage

  1. Oasis Floral acrylic scarf (£15)
  2. River Island Dark red floral leopard print scarf (£15)
  3. Dorothy Perkins Womens Purple Paisley and Stripe Scarf- Purple (£10)
  4. Accessorize Unicorn Enchanted Stole (£12)
  5. Accessorize Heritage Jacquard Stole (£22)
  6. Dorothy Perkins Womens Sequin Base Floral Scarf- Cream (£12)
  7. Dorothy Perkins Womens Dark Base Floral Scarf- Black (£12)
  8. Dorothy Perkins Womens Dark Floral Chiffon Scarf- Black (£7)
  9. Marks and Spencer Indigo Collection Paisley Floral Jacquard Scarf with Modal (£22.50)
  10. Accessorize Aztec Print Stole (£14)

I’ve also made a Pinterest board on these same items here

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

Until Next time,

Take care ‚̧