OOTD: MCM Comic Con + Mini Haul

Aloha guys!

I am back with a new post and hopefully you will enjoy it!
So last May, there was a Comi Con event held in Excel, London which I  was really excited about because I love Cosplay and dress up and anything  anime. I took the tube at 8 to, with my friend Sara and we arrived there at 9:30am.


So here’s the outfit! I know…I know I didn’t dress up. But that’s because its hard finding modest Cosplay. So I just decided to go with an “it’s nearly Summer” kind of outfit. Items that I don’t mention are either purchased from abroad or I genuinely don’t remember…sorry.

Blouse | Matalan
Bag | Fiorelli (stolen of Sara)
Shoes | Deichman


Here’s a picture of some of the attenders #Awesomeness Overload
I love how the Assassin’s Creed dressers and Pirates blend in and then there’s that one guy in Spiderman, hanging on for dear life LOL.


Afterwards, we decided to go Westfield, Stratford fo some shoppinnn.
I seriously love the Forever 21 there because of how spacious it is compared to the Oxford Street one. The New Look and H&M are flagship as well. I didn’t want to go crazy though – the Spring/Summer collection was b e a u t i f u l – but yo I was going on holiday 2 months after and I wanted to save money.
I was thinking for sometime on building a ring collection (because I literally have no rings) so the first item I bought is a massive Shield  ring from New Look. In F21, I ended up going for a gold hand chain because why ever not? I also fell in love with this cream, bendable, cuff bracelet which is outlined in gold metallic that has a subtle reflection (I wear it EVERYWHERE now).


And to perfectly end the day, we grabbed some froyo’s from Yo Moo. And yep, mine is the pot that’s overflowing hehe.
But it was some serious frozen yoghurt o.O

Anyyyyway…..I guess that’s an  informal farewell from me!

Until next time. Take care 🙂


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