My Favourite Jewellery Pieces

Aloha Ladies!

How is everyone’s Sunday night Monday morning going? And isn’t it the most exciting weekend with Black Friday that just passed and freaking Cyber Monday which is tomorrow today?  Well actually, in less than an hour. It’s quite disappointing that the hype for it in the UK is nowhere near as the scale in the US. And that’s understandable, because we only talk big sales when it’s officially boxing day (25 days left woop) but nevertheless, I did hunt down for bargains and managed to grab a few things here and there, so be on the lookout for a haul as promised!

And also that introduction was slightly pointless and unrelated to this post. But here are my favourite jewellery pieces that I wanted to share with you guys.

Enjoy ❤


So for my first pick, I chose silver/cool-toned pieces

Necklace | Risky
Bangle | Risky
Bottom Bracelet | New Look
Top bracelet | Marks & Spencer
Ring | New Look
Earrings | New Look

P.S These earrings are life and I am not even that boho.


And for the second set, obviously more gold/warm-toned pieces.

Cuff bracelet | H&M
Charm bracelet | Accessorize
Ring | River Island
Necklace | Debenhams
Earrings | Claire’s

So the necklace was actually a 16th birthday gift; the start of my owl obsession days. Although, it has calmed down a little. I do still own several other owl-related pieces, but I’ve just been rocking this with everything really.

So thats it guyss! By the time this will be up, it will already be the 1st of December. I apologize, my internet was playing mind games with me and so this post is technically delayed by a month (pun intended).

Also, happy first day of the month and hope you all had a lovely weekend. Be on the look out for an Autumn/November Favourites type of post. It will arrive soon, I promise.

Take care ❤