My Haircare Routine!

Aloha Ladies!

I decided to publish another post today just cos it’s Friidaay Friidaay gotta post twice on Fridaaay.

I know hair talk is kind of a taboo topic for us hijabies but honestly, it’s completely fine to share our experiences and help other girls who are dealing with similar situations. You have no idea how many people are on the same boat as you so it’s worth while getting it out there!

That’s why I would like to introduce to you my Haircare routine which has pretty much remained unchanged for several months now.
Just a little bit of background about my hair: I have curly hair type 3B that is extremely thick. In 2012, I decided to do a massive cut. For 6 months, I went completely heat free as as part of a healthier hair plan. It then took me endless weeks of research to cumulate the best hair products for my hair and to have a stable regime. I personally think it’s not about the brands you use, but the routine you take.

So on with the first product!


I have used TRESemmé shampoos for years now. It’s honestly been an essential household item for myself, my mum and my sister. There’s nothing much to say except that it does what it’s supposed to do: keep your hair nice and clean. And it smells good, too.


On days where I would like a lighter “cleanse ” I use Johnson’s Baby shampoo and massage it on my scalp. Johnson’s is Sulphate-free (Sulphate is the chemical which creates foam) and so it doesn’t completely strip your hair of it’s natural oils.


Then I condition my hair with the conditioner from the same TREsemmé line. I keep it in my hair for 5-7 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. I really like how this conditioner defines my hair texture and also, it’s super smooth so I like to detangle as I apply.


I always air dry my hair; its so much healthier than blow drying. After about 1.5 hours, my hair is mostly dry with a slight hint of dampness. This is when I use the LOC (leave-in, oil, cream) method which I highly recommend if you have curly dry hair.

– I begin applying my leave-in which is Palmer’s Curl Extend Hair pudding. I apply it from roots to tips and comb through with my fingers or a paddle brush to eliminate frizz.

– I then section my hair into 6-8 sections and comb each one individually.


My Next step is oil.
– I massage organic, virgin coconut oil (mine is cold-pressed, purchased from Tesco)  into my scalp as it stimulates hair growth, and also apply some on my dry ends. I seriously recommend buying coconut oil no matter what hair texture you have if you want healthy, shiny hair.


last step: hair cream
I personally prefer hair wax as a curly girl. It locks in moisture much longer and smoothes down hair edges better. This one is ULTRA SHEEN Hair Food . I apply this to each section as well; from root to end. I then go over it with a bristle brush for extra hold.
After I’ve done that to each section, I twist them into two-strand braids and take it out after a couple of hours, or the next day.

However, if I decide to straighten my hair. I take out the Hair Pudding and use this:


This is an Argan oil heat defense spray which I’ve recently been obsessed with.  I replaced it with my previous Schwarzkopf’s heat defense spray. And can I just say, this makes your hair feel like silk.
After straightening, I apply coconut oil and Hair wax in the same manner, but instead of doing twist-outs, I style normally. I will then sleep with my hair in a pineapple bun to protect it.

Soooo…that’s it for now!
I hope you ladies found this somewhat useful or interesting to read.
Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

I guess it’s a formal farewell then. Until next time, take care 🙂