Autumn 2014 Favourites

Aloha Ladies!

So here is the awaited post, as promised 😀 It was a miracle narrowing down my favourites of the Autumn season to 10 items, believe me. I’ve literally tried and tested so many different products from beverages to skincare to new outfit combinations. And as I’ve mentioned, I haven’t really been on a shopping spree for quite a while, but lately I did buy a few things worth hauling about in another post (hopefully tomorrow). But for the mean time…

Enjoy ❤

So on with the first product


This is the Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub. I know…I know. It looks supper summery and I have purchased it end of summer but I’ve been using it non-stop ever since. You could say my skin type is ‘normal’ but it does go drier during the colder months. And this has just kept it really exfoliated and hydrated at the same time.

fave 1

Okay, so the second pick is a little more season-related. It’s a tote bag with a hound tooth print which I am totally obsessed with. I also really love that the leather is brown and not black; makes it slightly more classic. And can I just add, I’ve owned this for over three years but I’ve just grown more fond of it this autumn, and at least once a week – if I am carrying it – I will have strangers telling me how nice it is. #companionforlife


Okay so this, I’ve purchased recently. October to be more precise. It’s the MUA Lipstick in Shade 1 (a UK drugstore brand). I’ve heard lots of praise about MUA so I thought I would give it a try. And honestly, I really liked the smooth texture and how the colour was true to the tube and it’s what I would I call low-key vampy haha. I apologize, the edit might be misleading, but it is a dark red.


For the forth item, it’s these beautiful long chain earrings that I purchased from Topshop last year. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen them. At first, I wasn’t really that comfortable going out with them, but after a while I figured particular hijab styles that go well with them. And sometimes, I think wearing just one looks really cool :p

So you guys might have noticed by now, that I am not going in any particular order haha. Ain’t nobody got tiime fo dat.


Swiftly moving on…
So this is just a camel-coloured headscarf that I’ve been rocking with my all-grey-clothing palette. They’re not  really what you call complementary colours but I just like how the camel colour represets a muted gold, and grey is like a muted silver so you get the idea… P.S I’ve also been on a grey/mustard combination hype. I think it’s also a trend.


There’s not much to stay here because it’s pretty self-explanatory, if you’ve been following my blog. One thing that I would like to point out: I am grateful for the extended chain length. I like my necklaces to have long chains and this one is mucho mucho long.


No, you are not experiencing double vision. yes, these are two bottles of the same thing. This is the Saat Safa Eau de parfum in 35ml. It means ‘hour of purity’ in Arabic, if you’re wondering. It’s made by a brand called Al-Rehab and I got them from KSA. I am terrible at describing fragrances (except when I do my research to write certain poetry) but this is like a bottle of paradise. It’s musky but fresh at the same time – but not fruity, idk. But as you can see I have about 3mls left out of the total 70mls. And It’s been less than three months :L


Speaking of things that smell like paradise, here’s a non-typical autumn candle which I’ve been burning this season. I know it’s weird, it’s tropical fruit. But I am really picky about what my room should smell like. And I didn’t want to put a berry or pumpkin-scented candle just because it’s Autumn.


You guys know the drill. Without this colour, It’s gon be a dark winter in his house. Off course, it’s from Matalan, as with everything fabulous I own. And very strangely one of my few knitwear items because my wardrobe is basically California vice. I like how naturally baggy it is, keeping you warm and modest. And also the little studs, I quite dig.


And last but not least, but the smallest and most recently purchased item – and the one with the nicest edit (So I guess, this is in some kind of order after all #undercoverOCD): a ring from New Look. Well, it’s gold and it’s silver and oh so classy – and vintage. And I’ve been wanting to expand my ring collection as mentioned previously. There, I did it. I linked twice. #selfadvertisment ?

Soo that’s it for now ladies. This post took me 3.5 hrs to produce. Let that sink in. Also, editing is tough work.

But anyways, hope you guys have enjoyed this!

Until next time, take care ❤