London Walkabout + OOTD

Aloha Ladies!

So I’ve been wanting to post this walkabout for agees but I’ve just never had the time to put together the pictures (which are scattered across various locations on social media, my memory stick and my desktop). This would be my second Walkabout post. If you’ve missed my first one click here. A walkabout is basically me strolling around various locations taking pictures of this and of that (haha TINSP reference).

So this Walkabout is also photography-related. It was a school trip to London that I went to, last October. It was quite a hectic but very enjoyable day. We went to various locations.

These pictures were taken near Trafalgar Square (Where the National Gallery is). Isn’t the Victorian architecture simply stunning??


We also visited The Monument which was close to St. Dunstan’s Church in East London. Here’s are some photos of the burn Church that I actually used for my Photography project Phobias.This series is intended to represent the fear of empty spaces.

10257313_698618466871522_8514870925239658371_o 10257546_698618490204853_947433451782432279_o 10257921_698618450204857_7095490396875529219_o

Quite grungy, no? The Church was actually no where near as spooky as portrayed by these edits haha. Oh, the power of Photoshop.

Here’s a more nicer looking, generic, touristy picture of The Gherkin, East London.


Off Course, all this walking and getting in and out of tubes was exhausting the hell out of me. So as one must do, I grabbed one.

Camera 360

And I believe, our final, formal visit was to South Bank.

I obviously had to slip a quick ootd, for those who can’t care less about architecture, burnt churches and caramel frappes.Thank you Manisha for this lovely shot ❤

IMG_20000101_001420 logo

Denim shirt | Matalan
Blouse | Matalan
Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Shoe Zone
Bag | Marks and Spencer
Necklace | Risky
Hijab | Sudan

And if you’re wondering, the camera that I have around my neck is my FujiFilm S2800. It’s what I used to take all the photos above (with the exception of the drink).

I thought I would also casually sneak in a cropped camera selfie teehee


My henna was done at a Sudanese charity fair 🙂

And last, but not least. I thought I would end this post with my favourite picture of the entire trip. It was also taken in South Bank.


I just see happiness whenever I look at this. Sunshine, bubbles, children. But most importantly bubbles because they look seriously cool.

Anwaysss that’s it for now. Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts!

Until next time, take care ❤


Windsor Walkabout

Aloha Ladies!

So as you caan seee (nigerial accent), this is my first blog post so it’s kind of awkward for me because I am like, “What do I even talk about?” (Cali girl accent)… I guess after a while you will get used to my blabbing, I am PRO at that. So anyway, since the new academic year, I now study in Windsor, England. And I just thought it would be nice to share some of the photos I take during my walkabouts…because I also do a lot of that. So…


You may not be able to tell  but I study A-Level Photography. Hi classmates? And for one of the shoots we were asked to create a colour wheel using different coloured objects (or whatever you can find) in Windsor. The picture above was obviously to represent the colour yellow. It was on display by the French perfume house, Guerlain, so it immediately caught my eye the way they had yellow-coloured fragrances with the heels and the Sunflower postcard (even though I chose to leave the perfume out of the frame).

DSCF2386 edit

This one was supposed to represent the colour red, but you can clearly see the orange and green so meh. But regardless, how many times do you encounter a chili pepper plant?  – okay, for me it’s like everyday now becuase it’s on every single table at this cafe in the Windsor town centre – it looks seriously cool. Where was I? oh, yeah….red. I like red actually, it’s my favourite colour and I’ve been digging Maroon for Autumn fashion, as you doo.

DSCF1206 edit


Cheese cake. Cheese cake. Ridiculously overpriced Cheese cake. You guys don’t understand my weakenss for any type of dessert; it’s an understatement to say I have a sweet tooth. I had to take this from 5 meters away and rely on the “16 x Optical zoom” b.s to get a sharp image. It’s not that blurry in terms of focus but I admit I had to edit the living day lights out of it to get a near off decent image. Hashtag photography problems.   But yeah, the reason I had to stand so far back is to stop myself from being lured in by the sales consultant guy next door who plays a ukulele and sings “come on in, free fudge samples!” no kidding. And I am very faint-hearted when it comes to spending money on food or any eye candy for that matter.

I guess, I am done. I’ve typed all this during my Photography lesson which I don’t even regret because I’ve done my day’s worth of printing and sticking – and eating  pasta salad. Also this keyboard is driving me insane with this lagging -__-”

So a formal farewell, until next time! Take care 🙂